First in India

1.British Governor General of BengalWarren Hastings
2.Governor General of Independent IndiaLord Mountbatten
 3.Commander-in-chief of Free IndiaGeneral Roy Bucher
 4.CosmonautSqn. Ldr. Rakesh Sharma
 5.Emperor of Moghul Dynasty in IndiaBabar
 6.Field MarshalS. H. F. J. Manekshaw
 7.Indian Governor General of Indian UnionC. Rajagopalachari
 8.Indian I.C.S. OfficerSatyendra Nath Tagore
 9.Indian Member of Viceroy's Executive CouncilSri S.P. Sinha
 10Indian to swim across English ChannelMihir Sen
 11Indian woman to swim across-English ChannelMiss Arati Saha
12Man to climb Mount EverestTenzing Norgay
 13Man to climb Mount Everest without OxygenPhu Dorjee
 14Man to climb Mount Everest twiceNwang Gombu
 15Nobel Prize winnerRabindra Nath Tagore
16President of Indian National CongressW. C. Banerjee
 17 President of Indian RepublicDr. Rajendra Prasad
 18Talkie FilmAlam Ara (1931)
 19Test Tube Baby (Documented)Indira
 20Viceroy of IndiaLord Canning
 21Woman Minister of Indian UnionRajkumari Amrit Kaur
 22Woman Chief Minister of StateMrs. Sucheta Kriplani
 23Woman GovernorMrs. Sarojini Naidu
 24Woman President of Indian National CongressDr. Annie Besant
 25Woman Prime MinisterMrs. Indira Gandhi
 26Woman Speaker of a State AssemblyMrs. Shanno Devi
 27Prime Minister of IndiaPt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
 28Muslim President of Indian UnionDr. Zakir Hussain
 29Speaker of Lok SabhaG. V. Mavlankar
30.Woman to climb mount EverestBachhendri Pal
31.Woman Judge in Supreme CourtMrs. Meera Sahib Fatima Biwi
32.Woman Chief Justice of a High CourtSmt. Leela Seth
33.Indian Woman to go in space (Now U.S. Citizen)Kalpana Chawla
34.The first Indian weightlifter to win bronze medal in OlympicsKarnam Malleshwari
(Sydney, in 2000)
35.The First Indian World Chess ChampionVishwanathan Anand
36.India's first paperless NewspaperThe News Today
(Launched on Jan. 3, 2001)
37.India's First woman Merchant Navy OfficerSonali Banerjee
38.The first Dalit Speaker of the Lok SabhaG. M. C. Balyogi
39.The first Vice-President of India to die in harnessKrishna Kant
40.The first Indian woman cricketer to score double centuryMithali Raj (August 2002 playing
 against England)
41.The first woman Air Vice-MarshalP. Bandopadhyaya
42.The first Indian to be appointed as United Nations Civilian Police AdvisorMs. Kiran Bedi
43.The first astronaut of Indian origin to perish aboard U.S. space shuttle in a tragic accidentDr. Kalpana Chawla
(Columbia space shuttle, Feb. I, 2003)
44.The first woman to be appointed Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of IndiaK. J. Udeshi
(appointed on June 10, 2003)
45.The first Indian girl to register a win in a Wimbledon tournamentSania Mirza (2003)
46.The first Indian lady to win a medal in World Athletic ChampionshipAnju Bobby George (Aug. 2003)
47.The first woman Chairman and Managing Director of NABARDMrs. Ranjana Kumar
48.The highest individual test scorer of IndiaVirendra Sehwag ( 309 runs in the
 first test in Multan against Pakistan)
49.The first Indian cricketer to make double centuries five timesRahul Drgvid (playing test against
Pakistan in Pakistan in. April 2004)
50.The first Orissa woman to top I.A.S.Smt. Roopa Misra
(Indian Civil Services Exam., 2003)
51.The first Sikh Prime Minister of IndiaDr. Manmohan Singh
52.The first woman Director General of Police of a StateKanchan C. Bhattacharya
(DGP Uttaranchal)
53.The first woman to be appointed as the crime branch chiefMeeriJ Borwankar (took over as crime branch chief of Mumbai police)
54.The first woman to reach the rank of Lt. General in the Indian armyPuneeta Arora (Commandant, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune)
55.The first Indian to cross seven important seas by swimmingBula Chaudhury
56.The first woman to become Indian Air Force's first woman Air Marshal
Air Marshal Padma Bandhopadhyay
57.The first youngest MP, at the age of 25 yearsDharmendra Yadav
(Mainpuri : Samajwadi Party MP)
58.India's first woman athlete to win WTA open Tennis titleSania Mirza (Feb. 2005, Hyderabad)
59.The first Indian to set a world record of ever having reached the highest
of heights yet in a hot balloon
Vijaypath Singhania
(Nov. 26, 2005. 69852 ft.)
60.The first wonder child of Orissa only about 4 years and a half of age completes a race of 65 km.Budhia (May 2006)
61.The first woman Commissioner of Police of an Indian metro (Chennai Metro Police)Letika Saran
62.The first Indian to Ski to the North PoleAjeet Bajaj (April 26, 2006)
63.The first sportsman ever to win Gold Medal in Shooting in the World Shooting ChampionshipAbhinav Bindra (July 24, 2006)
64.The first person of Indian origin to win the Miss Great Britain titlePreeti Desai (2006)
65.The first woman President of the Republic of IndiaPratibha Patil

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